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rough neural computing techniques for computing with - soft computing comprises various paradigms dedicated to approximately solving real world problems e g in decision making classification or learning among these paradigms are fuzzy sets rough sets neural networks genetic algorithms and others, rough sets international joint conference ijcrs 2017 - this two volume set lnai 10313 and lnai 10314 constitutes the proceedings of the international joint conference on rough sets ijcrs 2017 held in olsztyn poland in july 2017, applied soft computing journal elsevier - applied soft computing is an international journal promoting an integrated view of soft computing to solve real life problems soft computing is a collection of methodologies which aim to exploit tolerance for imprecision uncertainty and partial truth to achieve tractability robustness and low solution cost, unmanning the front lines futurisms the new atlantis - the recent incident at fort hood recalls to mind a proposition that has become a great truism since the terrorism attacks of september 11 one that should never be allowed to be merely a truism how grateful we usually civilians should be to the first responders who run toward danger rather than away from it, a survey on deep learning in medical image analysis - deep learning algorithms in particular convolutional networks have rapidly become a methodology of choice for analyzing medical images this paper reviews the major deep learning concepts pertinent to medical image analysis and summarizes over 300 contributions to the field most of which appeared in the last year, fever of the rat discover magazine blogs - humans can also contract rat bite fever by consuming food or drink fouled with rodent waste this syndrome originally surfaced in 1926 when residents of haverhill massachusetts drank unwholesome